Your baby receives the first sacrament. This sacred moment is cause for celebration. Leave in our hands the photographic report of this day. We work with the best professional teams of the moment to guarantee the highest quality in all the photographs. A team of two photographers to cover all perspectives.


At Jordi Grau Photography we take care of laying out your personalized album, with endless models and formats to choose from. We will help you choose the one that best suits your taste. Let’s make this memory last forever.

You also have at your disposal high-quality prints in all formats in a wide variety of papers and textures, canvases and paintings, personalized wooden boxes, souvenirs or signature books and much more. Contact and find out.


When I think of a baptism, the first image I see is the moment of the baptism in the baptismal font, and as no, the crying or the first reaction of the baby, the look of the parents, the godparents and the most important people in your family. Let’s record these little great moments in a video so you can relive and remember them. Our clients can choose a song of their liking to accompany this moment.

We work with professional microphone equipment guaranteeing the highest audio and image quality.