Jordi Grau studied dramatic art, photography and cinema in Barcelona. This trajectory enables to understand very well the emotional states of the couple, their parents, friends and family along the event, empathizing with you and making you feel comfortable is our purpose. We have the capacity to read the context and interpret what is happening in every single moment, in every scene that arises by chance. All this allows us to perfectly integrate into your day with discretion, elegance and professionalism.

“A photography, a story”

Jordi Grau Fotografia
Jordi Grau Fotografia

We are a couple specialized in photography and audiovisual.

We create your wedding reportage, taking care of every single detail with the most professionalism and quality. We want you to feel comfortable and that you enjoy this day; your day. We are going to narrate your history in order you can relive it.

A team compound of two professional photographers with all the necessary to capture not only one but two perspectives of your wedding day so as to immortalize the naturalness of this special moment. We want to involve emotionally and connect with you as this day is also very special for us. Make people feel with the photographies and telling stories is our job.